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Aircraft Maintenance Technology

The growing local and national aircraft industry requires aircraft maintenance personnel who are professionally trained. The Aircraft Maintenance training program offered by Greenville Tech is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Veterans Administration. The program provides students with the technical, mechanical and academic skills required to become aircraft maintenance technicians. Students learn to perform maintenance on a wide variety of both jet and reciprocating engine aircraft. Students successfully completing the program earn an associate degree in Aircraft Maintenance Technology and qualify to take the Federal Aviation Administration Airframe and Powerplant certification exams which are administered at the aircraft training center. A licensed A & P technician can expect a starting salary well above the national average.

Associate in Industrial Technology

Entrance Requirements:

High school graduate or equivalent (GED).

Acceptable ASSET or COMPASS Score or 19 on ACT or 920 on SAT. A minimum mechanical aptitude score of 50 on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Test (ASVAB) or a score of 50 percentile on the Bennett Mechanical Aptitude Test if used in lieu of the ASVAB.*

No physical or mental disabilities that would endanger the student or others; i.e., fainting, seizures, dizziness, loss of hearing, impaired vision, etc.

Pre-admission interview with the AMT department head or a designated representative.

*Applicants with prior military service, reserves, national guard or others who have completed technical training in a mechanical career field are exempt from taking a mechanical aptitude test. Training must be listed on their military service record DD-214 or other official training document.

Type of Program:

Day or Night

Type of Degree:

Associate degree or certificate

Professional Credentials:

FAA Airframe and Powerplant Technician Certification (subject to passing exam)

Employment Opportunities:

General aviation, commercial airlines, corporate aviation, aircraft manufacturers, contract repair facilities, aviation-related maintenance activities

This program trains students to perform maintenance requirements on a wide variety of both jet and reciprocating engine type aircraft. Based on prior training or experience, mechanical aptitude testing may be required. An interview with department representative is required. Graduates will qualify to take the Federal Aviation Administration Airframe and Powerplant written and practical examinations for certification. There are three certificate programs available, culminating in an associate degree in Industrial Technology.

Required courses:

Certificate in Aviation Fundamentals 17.0 hours

ACM 101, General Regulations 2.0

ACM 102, Aviation Sciences 3.0

ACM 105, Basic Aircraft Electricity 4.0

ACM 110, Aircraft Drawings 1.0

ACM 115, Ground Handling & Servicing 3.0

ACM 120, Materials & Corrosion Control 4.0

Certificate in Aviation Airframe Structure/Systems 30.0 hours

ACM 125, Wood, Fabric & Finishes 2.0

ACM 130, Sheet Metal Layout & Repair 4.0

ACM 140, Bonded Structures & Welding 3.0

ACM 150, Assembly & Rigging 3.0

ACM 155, Aircraft Environmental Systems 3.0

ACM 160, Utility & Warning Systems 3.0

ACM 165, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems 3.0

ACM 167, Landing Gear Systems 3.0

ACM 170, Aircraft Electrical Systems 4.0

ACM 172, Aircraft Fuel Systems 1.0

ACM 174, Airframe Inspection 1.0

Certificate in Aviation Powerplant Theory/Systems 28.0 hours

ACM 201, Lubricating Systems 2.0

ACM 205, Ignition Systems 3.0

ACM 210, Reciprocating Engine Overhaul 4.0

ACM 224, Turbine Engine Overhaul 4.0

ACM 226, Engine Inspection 1.0

ACM 234, Propellers & Components 4.0

ACM 240, Engine Elect, Inst & Fire Protection 3.0

ACM 245, Powerplant Fuel Systems 4.0

ACM 250, Induction Cooling & Exhaust 3.0

Course required for Associate Degree (including above) 15.0 hours

ENG 165, Professional Communications 3.0

MAT 170 Algebra, Geometry & Trigonometry I 3.0

CPT 101, Introduction to Computers 3.0

Humanities Elective 3.0

Social Sciences Elective 3.0


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