American Trans Air Aviation Training Academy

Indianapolis, IN, US - Part 147 School

The ATA Aviation Training Academy is located near the Indianapolis International Airport and American Trans Air's corporate headquarters. The Academy is equipped with training aids, engines and airframes to ensure the students receive training on quality equipment. As an airline, we have designed our program to place emphasis on air transport maintenance practices to coincide with airline standards; thus enabling our students to be better prepared for the existing world of aviation maintenance technology.

All classrooms are complete with essential audio-visual equipment and aircraft training aids. The Academy's library contains hundreds of volumes of technical reference material, manufacturer's publications, aircraft specifications, federal aviation regulations, and other specialized texts.

Our computer lab reinforces shop and classroom instruction by allowing our students to enhance their education at their own pace. The Academy was first to be put on-line as a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) computer testing facility. On site computerized FAA testing is offered for the convenience of our students, and is available for an additional charge.

The Academy facilities include a shop with sample landing gear, brakes, struts, and tires; complimented by custom design aircraft mock-ups, and training aids. Our hangar houses single engine, twin engine, high wing, low wing, rotory wing, fabric covered, and tri-gear configured aircraft. Our aircraft structures program involves a sheet metal shop complete with shears, brakes, presses, and special riveting kits. These kits include pneumatic drills and riveting equipment necessary for the completion of a variety of hands-on training projects. The same area of our shop is also used for the study of wood, fabric, Plexiglas, and fiberglass repairs. The Academy training aids include reciprocating engines manufactured by Lycomming, Continental, and Pratt & Whitney. They consist of horizontally opposed and opposed turbo charged engines. Our turbine engine area features engines from Allison, Garrett, Rolls Royce, and Pratt & Whitney. This includes turbo prop, turbo jet, and turbo shaft. Special portable test cells are used for the operation and troubleshooting of reciprocating and turbine engines. The academy also has an L-1011 cockpit procedures training simulator.

We pride ourselves in applying technology and safety features in even the most basic training applications. Assigned projects teach our students the skills necessary to build new aircraft and to repair and maintain existing aircraft structures; safety practices acquired here not only help the student in school, but the aviation industry as well.

A special fare has been set aside in the facility for students to use for breaks, lunches, or just relaxing. Vending machines and microwaves are provided in this are for student use. The Academy is very proud of its training equipment, shops and laboratories, and the cleanliness of its 32,000 square feet training facility.

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American Trans Air Aviation Training Academy
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