North Central Institute

Clarksville, TN, US - Aviation Maintenance (Part 147 & 65)

North Central Institute is a privately owned institute located in North Clarksville, Tennessee, directly across from Fort Campbell, Kentucky Army Base. Clarksville is also located 45 minutes Northwest of Nashville.

The primary mission, but more importantly, our responsibility, is to provide quality education for the people of this community and all who attend this institution, in a variety of programs leading to an occupational certificate or degree in Aviation or Real Estate. The offered programs are non-traditional, professional, occupational and technical.


North Central Institute is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Council on Occupational Education (COE), 41 Perimeter Center East NE, Suite 640, Atlanta GA 30346; Phone (770) 396-3898.


North Central Institute's Aviation Maintenance Technician Part 147 Program is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration under Part 147 of the Federal Aviation Regulation and holds Air Agency Certificate #N4IT070K.

AMT 147 Program Information

According to the Professional Aviation Mechanic Association (PAMA) and the Department of Labor, there is presently a shortage of aviation maintenance technicians in excess of 20,000. The demand for trained technicians far exceeds the supply of students presently enrolled in AMT 147 schools. THERE IS NO BETTER TIME TO BECOME AN AVIATION MECHANIC.



Upon successfully completing North Central Institute's Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Part 147 program, you will be eligible to take the Federal Aviation Administration exams to be certified as an Airframe and/or Powerplant Technician, and earn your Associate in Applied Science Degree in Aviation Technology. The objective of the AMT Part 147 program is to impart knowledge and skills for students who desire to become FAA certified technicians for job enhancement and procurement within the aviation or similar business industries. Job placement services are available for all students.


The main requirement for applicants as defined in the Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) 65.71, (a), (2) is you must be able to read, write and understand the English language


North Central Institute's AMT 147 program is divided into three sections: General, Airframe, and Powerplant. Students enroll in General - Airframe (GA) or General - Powerplant (GP) first, which consists of 1190 contact hours. After completing GA or GP, it is an additional 770 contact hours for the added Powerplant or Airframe certification. Individuals currently holding a General-Airframe or a General-Powerplant license can obtain their additional rating by attending the Airframe or Powerplant section of the program.

Per our curriculum, the number of instructional hours is as follows:

General Aviation Courses - 420 instructional hours (12 semester hours) consisting of 12 instructional courses.

Airframe Aviation Courses - 770 instructional hours (22 semester hours) consisting of 22 instructional courses.

Powerplant Aviation Courses - 770 instructional hours (22 semester hours) consisting of 22 instructional courses.

Each course is 35 hours in length and contains approximately 40% lecture and 60% hands-on instruction. A student can complete General - Airframe and Powerplant in approximately 15 months during the day; students in the night classes can complete in 18 months. In addition, the courses in the AMT 147 program area can be utilized to complete the maintenance concentration of our Associate in Applied Science Degree in Aviation Technology or taken on a standalone basis strictly for certification.

Financial Aid is available to eligible students. Our Part 147 Program is approved for VA Funding.

NOTE: Credit from previous courses and military training will be evaluated and may be applied toward program requirements in accordance with NCI policies and procedures and the curriculum guidelines.

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