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Welcome to the Cochise College Aviation Department information page. Whether you found us from our featured school logo or found us through the alphabetic or state search, we are GLAD you came! The web link at the bottom of this page will take you directly to our own web site for loads of additional information about our programs.

We are a community college located in the S.E. corner of Arizona. This gives us the advantages of mild climate (due to our elevation of 4123' MSL), wonderful flying weather year around, and easy access to the City of Tucson, as well as many other attractions in the area. Those include Tombstone (of Wyatt Earp fame), Karchner Caverns (some of the most spectacular in the world), and easy access to scenic Mexico locations such as Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) on the Baja to name only a few.

For over 30 years, Cochise College has prided itself on the outstanding reputations of both the College and the Aviation Department. We have trained technicians and pilots that are now working for companies and airlines throughout the world, and have also been selected by international training organizations as a location to which they send students. We are large enough to provide HIGH quality and HIGH value education, while still small enough to retain a keen interest in our students and our ability to serve them.

Right NOW is the best time aviation has seen in years for available jobs. For those serious about a technical career, we would draw your attention to the following information:

"The pace of US pilot training continues with no sign of abatement, all in an environment of optimism that hasn't been seen in decades...If the pace continues, about 12,500 new pilot jobs will be created by the end of 1999 for all segments of the market...The demand-supply situation is even more acute with skilled aviation technicians...The US Labor Department predicts the industry will require a total of 155,000 A&P technicians by 2006. With large numbers of retirements looming, as many as 50,000 new technicians will be required - yet current school enrollments cannot provide such numbers" (Source - Collegiate Aviation Update, The Journal for Civil Aviation Training, October, 1999.)

Industry and FAA articles continue to talk about the opportunities that are available in all areas. So, why come to Cochise College? There are several good reasons:

1. Our technical training programs are short, complete, and prepare you for a career in very short periods of time - only 15 months for Aviation Maintenance Technology (A&P) and only 12 months for Avionics Technology (radios and electronics).

2. Our prices are very reasonable for the quality and quantity of training you will receive, and we have on-campus housing AND an on-campus airport.

3. Our College provides the opportunity for completion of your Associate's degree by several different methods. You can complete it on campus OR go to work in any location and remain a student of our on-line campus, finishing your degree while you work and earn!

4. If you already have a degree, our Certificate programs will give you the technical training you require.

What about jobs?? Students can easily move directly into the job market and become fully employed with the skills and licenses earned in our programs. Salary ranges, directly out of our training program, average in the middle to upper 30's - higher with a degree. With training from a well known and FAA Approved Part 147 training program, rates can be even higher. The addition of the Associate's degree means even more, PLUS promotability.

Supplemental courses are offered, in addition to our basic courses, to make you even more readily employable. Our welding department, for example, has developed new and highly prized welding techniques that have led a major commercial airplane manufacturer to use us as a welding resource for specialized requirements. In addition, we hae some outstanding internship opportunities, here and in the surrounding communities, for those that excel in their work, giving you the opportunity to gain practical experience (and money) while you complete your program with us.

So, take a look at our page. Take a look at US, and then make your decision to get going TODAY on YOUR aviation career. Whether it is your first career, or you are "re-tooling" for another one, we can help you quickly get the training you need to get into a good and well paying job in aviation!

You can click on our web site link below and, while in our site, complete a contact form for further program information - OR - use the e-mail, address, or phone information below to contact us. We look FORWARD to having you join us in scenic S.E. Arizona, and to helping you get YOUR aviation career off to a "flying" start!

Come to the web site and "see who we are", both the College AND the Department. See with whom you are talking and/or working through our "People" page. Send us your Contact Form NOW, and we will get information to you quickly that will help you get "off the ground".

At Cochise College, we are committed to "EDUCATION FOR LIFE", and in the Aviation Department it is "AVIATION EDUCATION FOR LIFE!"

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