FlightSafety Academy

Vero Beach, FL, US

A Staging Ground for Airline Training

Devoted exclusively to training for future professionals, FlightSafety Academy in Vero Beach, Florida, is a preferred source of flight training for those who want the best possible start on the airline or corporate-pilot career path. At the FSI Academy, young cadets with little or no previous flying experience can learn to fly ab initio (from the ground up) and then progress through their commercial license and multiengine and instrument ratings within a period of eight months. The training takes place in a professional environment where the brisk pace is set by full-time, high-achieving fellow students who are dedicated to their performance and progress. "We attract serious-minded, take-charge individuals who know where they're headed with their careers," says FSI Academy director Dick Skovaard. "They come to us not only for the training itself, but for the widely recognized credentials that come with it, and for our valuable connections within the airline industry." The Career Pilot Program focuses on the professionally oriented, career minded individual.

At the FSI Academy, self-funded cadets train alongside cadets sponsored by international carriers such as Swissair, Alitalia, Greece's Olympic Airways, Air China, and South Korea's Asiana Airlines. After earning their primary licenses, many cadets have the option of moving into flight instructor positions at the academy, where they can build hours while gaining additional ratings.

Additional services available through the academy's Career Placement Division also help cadets with the first steps in their careers, whether they look to enter commercial or corporate aviation. The Career Placement Division's services include interview preparation, contacts, and assistance with required paperwork. And after they start their careers, FlightSafety Academy graduates can still benefit from the continued support that comes through the alumni network, online services, and additional FlightSafety training offerings.

Airline and Contract Information

In hiring your pilots, you can start with just the right pilots, or just the right people. You may be likeTyrolean Airways, Austria's largest regional airline; or Korea's ambitious new Asiana Airlines. And you may be like Swissair, and other carriers we've worked with over the past 20 years. If so, you like the idea of pilot training from the ground up.

You like the idea of hiring your people for who they are, and shaping them into the kind of pilots

you want them to become. In short, you'll like the idea of ab initio training at the FlightSafety Academy in Vero Beach, Florida. It's where you'll find our fleet of almost 100 aircraft, plus faculty and facilities devoted exclusively to airline training - all on Florida's sunny East Coast, where the weather is ideal for year-round training. It's where your own people can start without experience and move through multiple ratings and jet transition training to the status of a professional pilot or flight officer. And with a choice of programs leading to FAA certification, our ab initio training is a compelling opportunity for carriers from around the world. So go ahead and hire good people. Then send them our way, and let us train them your way.

Housing Information

Centrally located, the on-campus housing options at the FSI Academy offer modern and comfortable facilities, floor plans tailored to a variety of needs, and walking distance access to all academic buildings and the flight line itself.

Approximately 200 students may be accommodated in FSI Academy housing on campus. Privately operated rental apartments in the Vero Beach community are also available to students.

The Academy offers three different options for on campus living to accommodate each individual student:


The FSI Academy's dormitory building provides rooms in two different configurations; one with semi-private rooms for two students and the other with a single room for one student. Each of the two layouts offers distinct advantages according to the needs of the indivdual cadet. Fully furnished, the dormitory rooms include a private bathroom, a living area, a refrigerator, microwave, cable TV, and weekly maid service.


Housing 120 students, FSI Academy's two apartment buildings offer three-bedroom, one-bath apartments. With a large common area and fully equipped kitchen, the apartments provide students more living space and greater roommate interaction than other campus options. All apartments come with cable TV, air conditioning, and weekly maid service.


Featuring one-bedroom and studio residences, the bungalows present a more secluded side of campus life. The completely furnished rooms include cable TV, air conditioning, and weekly maid service. The bungalows are ideal for students that require additional privacy.

On campus amenities include a swimming pool, basketball courts, tennis courts and soccer fields for recreation; a library for convenient study access; and a nearby book-store and cafeteria.

Students desiring a room in the FSI Academy dormitories are encouraged to contact the school one or two weeks prior to the planned arrival to check availability. FSI Academy dormitory facilities are operated to provide comfortable quarters, at a reasonable price for students continuously pursuing a full time training program. Generally, full time means daily training activity and maintaining satisfactory progress.

Dormitory rooms are available for check in between the hours of 0830 - 1500 Monday - Friday (except holidays).

All students who enroll and register for training are eligible to reside at the FSI Academy dormitory facilities. Facilities are open to both sexes equally. Students should be aware of the community nature of dormitory living, and those desiring greater privacy may desire other housing accommodations.

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