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North Bay, ON, CA

Canadore College of Applied Arts and Technology

North Bay, Ontario, Canada

"Fly Canadore" may not be the college motto, but it could be. Canadore's highly successful aviation school has helped put this small Northern Ontario school on the map. The one-year helicopter program combines intensive ground school training in all aspects of helicopter operations with 100 hours of flight training, plus a three-week bush camp and winter survival course. Two-year programs in aircraft maintenance and avionics maintenance,and a one-year Aircraft Structural Repair Technician program round out Canadore's aviation programs.

Aviation, however, is not the only high-flying program at Canadore. The college offers a mix of traditional and specialty programs in nine broad areas. The mix includes Business, Communication Arts, Health Sciences, Human Services, Industrial Technology, Information Technology, Law and Justice, Preparatory Programs, and Post-Diploma Programs.

Canadore College is considered by many to be one of the most beautifully situated educational facilities in Canada. The college is strategically divided into three campuses located within fifteen minutes of each other. The Education Centre Campus, home of Canadore's world-class library, is located on a 720 acre wooded escarpment overlooking the city of North Bay. The Heliport Campus houses the college's unique cluster of aviation programs. The Commerce court Campus is an up-to-date technical training facility located in North Bay's industrial park.

Another Canadore advantage is its unique relationship with Nipissing University. The two institutions share facilities and offer joint programs, allowing students to take advantage of both types of postsecondary education.

North Bay, Ontario Canada

This picturesque Northern Ontario city is located in central Ontario. Close to major centres, North Bay is a three and a half hour drive north of Toronto, and four hours west of the Nation's capital of Ottawa. Visitors can access North Bay by car, plane, train, or bus. With a population of 60,000, residents and visitors alike can take advantage of a variety of recreational and cultural activities. Check out North Bay's website at

About Us

Be a part of a Canadian College where almost 90% of our graduatec find jobs within six months of graduation.

Be part of a total college experience that encourages you to "come as you are, and leave ready."

...Ready to work in the fields of technology and aviation which continue to have a growing demand for graduates.

...Ready to take advantage of small classes and an individualized approach to education, including an academic advisor for each student

...Ready to access the many services available to students outside the classroom (peer tutoring, special needs, financial aid, counselling, employment services, and more!

The sky's the limit for Canadore College's new campus

Staff and students alike are flying high in anticipation of Canadore's new Aerospace Campus. Canadore's Aviation programs will re-locate to the new location September 2002. The new 63,520 square foot facility, located at the city's Jack Garland Airport, will have classrooms,

laboratories, hangars, test cells, resource centres, meeting and student space and will become the meeting and development site for the aerospace industry in North Bay. New programs in the works for the Aerospace Campus include Aviation Trades, Aircraft Manufacturing,Aerospace Logistics Management, and Airfield Maintenance.

Aviation Technician - Aircraft Maintenance

(four semesters/two years)

Canadore's Aircraft Maintenance Technician program prepares graduates for entry into the rapidly expanding aviation industry. The emphasis is hands-on and the courses are job-oriented. Aircraft Maintenance students at Canadore study the maintenance business in an operational environment and

they work on a large variety of fixed and rotary wing aircraft. The program introduces students to the

challenging complexities of fixed and rotary wing aircraft and provides the theoretical knowledge and skills necessary to gain apprenticeship employment in the aviation industry.

Aviation Technician - Avionics Maintenance

(four semesters/two years)

Avionics, an acronym for aviation, electronics, is a two-year study of electrical/electronic equipment required for the guidance and control of modern aircraft. The emphasis for first-year students is on electronic theory, and manual skills, as well as complementary postsecondary subjects.

Year two concentrates on practical applications relating to the removal, repair and recalibration of typical, industry-approved, airborne systems. The Heliport Campus is the ideal setting for this practically applied, extraordinary technology program.

Aircraft Structural Repair Technician

(two semesters/one year)

This program is designed to prepare graduates for employment in the aircraft maintenance industry - specifically the field of aircraft structural repair. The program focuses on the maintenance, repair and fabrication of aircraft structural components. In addition to training with wood, fabric, and sheet metal materials, this program includes extensive training in composite materials - an emerging field in the aircraft industry. The emphasis is hands-on and the courses are job oriented. Aircraft Structural Repair students will work on a large variety of fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

Helicopter Flight Training - Pilot

(two semesters/one year) Operated in partnership with Gateway Helicopters Ltd.

The Helicopter Flight Training program prepares students for an exciting career in the helicopter industry. Ground school and flight training are designed to provide graduates with the skills and aptitude necessary to operate helicopters effectively and safely in remote and isolated locations.

This program partnership provides students with the benefits of a college education combined with practical training provided by a Transport Canada licensed training school.

Recurrent training is also offered to qualified individuals and companies on a fee-paying basis in alternate formats as requested.

Here's what our students, graduates, and faculty have to say about Canadore College

"Canadore's Avionics Maintenance program is practically oriented, developing job-ready skills in an environment that promotes pride, quality workmanship, and a "get it done whatever it takes" attitude. The training provides diversity with different areas of specialty keeping enthusiasm and energy levels high."

Peter Kincaid

Coordinator/faculty, Aviation Technician-Avionics Maintenance graduate, 1979

"As a woman in the Aircraft Structural Repair program, I have found it easy to get along with students and staff alike. The instructors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to providing a well-balanced course with both theory and plenty of shop practice."

Lois Both

Aircraft Structural Repair student

Graduate of 2000 class

"I have a job doing exactly what I wanted to do. Canadore gave me not only the training I needed but also a very valuable and memorable social experience."

Dan Bonin

Aircraft Structural Repair, 1998

Aircraft Parts Fitter

Eurocopter Canada, Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada

"Avionics technicians are really needed in Africa. Canadore is adding to my aviation background, and my family and I are looking forward to an exciting life in Kenya after I graduate."

Mike Trudeau

Aviation Technician-Avionics Maintenance

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