Aviation Maintenance Training, Inc

Dallas, TX, US - FAA Part 147 approved school

AIT is a subsidiary of Aviation Maintenance Training, Inc. (AMTI), a privately owned company that was incorporated in the State of Texas in August, 1995. AMTI was originally incorporated in the State of Delaware in 1988. In December 1995, AMTI, doing business as Aeronautical Institute of Technologies (AIT), was licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA # AVOTO66K) to operate an aviation maintenance technician school offering courses leading to FAA certification in Airframe, Powerplant and combined Airframe and Powerplant. Since its opening, AIT has been located at Red Bird Airport, a small, private airfield situated in the southwestern portion of Dallas County, Texas. The airport is inside the city limits of Dallas. Both the offices of the school and its training facility are located in one of the airport's two main aircraft hangers. AIT was founded and is wholly owned by James H. Murer, a veteran aircraft maintenance technician with international experience.

In today's constantly changing technological era, education and training have become fundamental ingredients for success in any worthwhile field of endeavor. Nowhere is this more true than in the aeronautical industry, where qualified aircraft mechanics are essential for keeping both private and commercial fleets flying. The educational philosophy of Aeronautical Institute of Technologies (AIT) is simple and straightforward: We recognize that the aviation maintenance career field is one that demands professionalism, commitment, a sense of responsibility, honesty, good judgment and skill - attributes that make the Airframe and Powerplant Technician a valuable asset to any aviation company.

Consequently, we at AIT are dedicated to meeting the needs of both the industry and individuals in today's workplace, as well as tomorrow's, by providing top quality maintenance training. Guided by this philosophy, the school's purpose is twofold:

To prepare its students for Airframe and Powerplant certification (A. & P. Rating), based upon Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations governing aircraft maintenance and to ready them for suitable employment in the aeronautical industry. These goals are accomplished by providing a combination of classroom instruction and "hands-on" training that is both intense and demanding.

We also stress that as the student moves toward his or her career goals, he or she will find that the learning process never ends. Throughout an individual's career, the field of aviation and aerospace will continue to offer challenges as well as opportunities for personal growth and job satisfaction.

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