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Aircraft Pilot Training Technology (APT)

Our lives have become increasingly dependent upon air travel as a primary means of transportation. Of course, this means a greater need and demand for pilots. Texas State Technical College Aircraft Pilot Training Technology provides all the necessary education that can prepare you to be a first-class pilot. Our two-year associate degree program immerses you in flight activities, whether it be in the classroom learning about the effect of weather on aircraft, in the Frasca 242 twin-engine simulator practicing flight maneuvers, in one of the 11 Cessna 152s preparing for your first solo, or in the Seneca twin.

If you want to continue your education, Texas State Technical College and Baylor University have teamed up for a joint Aviation Science program. In this four-year program, you can complete an airway systems specialist pilot program.

ASSOCIATE OF APPLIED SCIENCE DEGREE PROGRAM: The Aircraft Pilot Training Technology department at TSTC can provide you with a general background in science and math, and combines this education with both aviation and non-aviation studies that relate to various phases of flight training. In the APT associate degree program, successful graduates receive FAA Private and Commerical Certificates along with Instrument Rating and Flight Instructor Certificate.

Graduates of Aircraft Pilot Training Technology may take jobs in commercial flying and flight instruction. This technology is Federal Aviation Administration-approved under Part 141 of the Federal Air Regulations. You can train in a Frasca 242 twin-engine simulator, and for actual air-flight training, in one of the college's Cessna Single-engine aircraft and Seneca multi-engine aircraft.

You will be required to demonstrate basic reading, writing and mathematical skills before you can enter into the APT program. Additionally, acceptance in this department is dependent upon the fulfillment of the requirements for a Class II flight physical. If you are interested in Aircraft Pilot Training Technology, contact the department chair for information about flight training costs required for this program. Texas State Technical College keeps these additional costs to an absolute minimum. They are different for each quarter of instruction and are subject to change because of variables such as fluctuating fuel and flight-time costs.



Total Credits: 100

Major Requirements: Credits

APT 104 Theory of Flight I 4

APT 106 Aviation Meteorology I 3

APT 109 Air Navigation I 2

APT 113 Theory of Flight II 3

APT 114 Aviation Meteorology II 3

APT 117 Air Navigation II 2

APT 204 Aircraft Performance 3

APT 206 Aircraft Instruments and Radio Systems 3

APT 208 IFR Procedures 3

APT 213 IFR Regulations and Flight Planning 4

APT 214 Applied Aerodynamics 3

APT 216 Aircraft Weight and Balance 3

APT 218 Aircraft Systems 2

APT 304 Aircraft Engine Theory 3

APT 308 General Aviation Safety 3

APT 312 Fundamentals of Instruction 4

APT 314 Analysis of Flight Maneuvers 2

APT 316 Aviation Management 3

APT 319 Fundamentals of Ground Instruction 3

APT 1020 Basic Flight I 2

APT 1100 Basic Flight II 2

APT 2030 Intermediate Flight I 3

APT 2110 Intermediate Flight II 3

APT 3030 Advanced Flight I 2

*APT 3110 Advanced Flight II 2


General Education Requirements: Credits

ENGL 1301 Composition I 3

ENGL 134 Interpersonal Communications 3

ENGL 2389 Introduction to Humanities 3

MATH 1314 College Algebra 3

MATH 1316 Plane Trigonometry 3

PHYS 1401 College Physics I 4

PSYC 2301 General Psychology 3


Interdisciplinary Requirements: Credits

BUSI 221 Aviation Law 3

CNS 2060 Application Software 3

ELECTIVE Approved Elective 2


Direct inquiries to:
Mr. Mike Haley
Master CFI
Texas State Technical College
Aircraft Pilot Training
3801 Campus Drive
Waco, TX 76705-1696

Email: mhaley@tstc.edu

School web site: www.theflightcollege.com