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Colorado Aero Tech has been responsible for providing the aviation industry with highly qualified technicians for over thirty years, and we take pride in the success of each and every student we graduate. Why do we have so much success? We design our programs to meet the needs of employers...the very people who hire the students we train. Together with a well-rounded curriculum that combines both classroom instruction and hands-on experience, our students leave Colorado Aero Tech prepared to meet the world on their terms...prepared to meet life's challenges.

At Colorado Aero Tech, you will find our commitment to keep abreast of industry trends by the large investment we make in equipment, training aides, experienced faculty and a wide range of student support services.

Your success is our goal. You can count on Colorado Aero Tech to stand behind this commitment while you are a student, when you graduate, and throughout your working career.


As an Airframe and Powerplant Technician, you will be trained to service, repair and overhaul aircraft components and systems including the airframe, piston engines, turbine engines, electrical systems, hydraulic systems, propellers, rigging, control surfaces, instrumentation, warning systems, and environmental systems. A graduate from Colorado Aero Tech's A&P program is qualified for any entry level A&P position in the aviation industry.


Our Advanced Electronics Program provides both a practical approach to trouble shooting and an advanced training in modern Avionics. The first half of a students training consists of core electronics principles vital for entry into any electronics related field. The more specialized Avionics Systems Program comprises the second half of a student's training, providing hands-on work with many of the electronics systems used in todays civil, military, and commercial aircraft.

Congratulations on your decision to pursue career training in the field of Aviation Technology. With the expansion of advanced technology in today's aircraft, the aviation technician is a highly trained professional with responsibility for the safe operation of multi-million dollar equipment, transporting hundreds of people. Our mission at Colorado Aero Tech is to provide students with dynamic programs which produce outstanding results, and high levels of satisfaction. In this effort, we dedicate ourselves to maximizing the potential of our students.

Colorado Aero Tech has provided the aviation industry with highly qualified technicians for over thirty years, and we take pride in the success of our students. Our programs are distinguished by a commitment to customer satisfaction and a well rounded curriculum comprised of both classroom and hands-on experience. This commitment is evidenced by a large investment in equipment and training aids, and further supported by a superior faculty and wide range of student support services. By maintaining a close alignment with industry employers, we also insure that our curriculum remains responsive to their needs, and our job placement meets the objectives of our students.

The aviation industry continues to expand and has a strong need for dedicated, well qualified people who are sincerely interested in the responsibilities of the future. Our faculty, staff and administrators look forward to helping you take advantage of this opportunity. We dedicate ourselves to helping you achieve your educational and career goals.

Your success is our goal, and Colorado Aero Tech stands behind this commitment.

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