Aircraft Mechanic Jobs in Duluth, MN

Aircraft maintenance jobs include a variety of mechanic and technician positions, such as A&P mechanics, sheet metal mechanics, fuel tank mechanics and avionics technicians as well as maintenance instructors, managers of reliability, interior installers, mechanical plating technicians, inspectors, composites technicians, inventory coordinators and structures technicians. Aircraft mechanics that graduate from an aircraft maintenance technician school generally earn a higher starting salary than those mechanics that learn their skills while on the job or in the military.

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Job Status
4 months ago - Plane Techs - Location: Duluth, MN
Duluth, MN – Join us at one of the most stable and long term MRO’s in the country!  You are supported by our on-site representa...
7 months ago - Plane Techs - Location: Duluth, MN
Now Hiring Transitioning Military Aviation Mechanics and Technicians!   Why ...
10 months ago - Plane Techs - Location: Duluth, MN
Job Description: Repair body or structure of aircraft according to specifications. Reinstall repaired or replacem...
1 year ago - Plane Techs - Location: Duluth, MN
Job Description:  Using detailed blue prints, determine pieces to be fabricated and installed. Layout and fa...

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