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Pensacola, FL
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May 02, 2019
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NDT Inspectors will be responsible to the Supervisor NDT for the actual performance of the set up, specific instrument calibration, specific tests, specific evaluation according to written instruction and to record the results.
ESSENTIAL RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Review incoming aircraft maintenance flight logs for items of work required to be accomplished at the Repair Station.    2. Procure required forms and work orders, and transfer work to be accomplished to forms. 3. Be responsible for the surveillance of all work in progress. 4. Accept or reject work accomplished on all items generated by the work order. 5. Be responsible for the entries in the aircraft maintenance flight logs, as well as the airworthiness release. 6. Inspection methods. Inspection shall be accomplished as required during progress of work and at completion prior to release of aircraft on all items written. Check for proper installation, security, safety and workmanship. Pressure checks if necessary. Check for proper material and fasteners. Check for conformance to specifications per repair, maintenance or other relevant manual or applicable engineering instructions approved by FAA. 7. Maintaining proficiency, qualification and certification in NDT inspection methods for which certified in accordance with RSQCM 4.2. 8. Maintain a familiarization with applicable codes, regulations, standards and specifications related to NDT inspection performed by the repair station. 9. Set up and standardization of NDT equipment and/or instrumentation, performance of tests, and the evaluation and interpretation of test results. Nondestructive tests shall be performed in accordance with approved manufacturers or customer supplied data. Test results shall be recorded in accordance with the requirements of this manual. 10. Perform other duties as required by the Supervisor NDT and Lead NDT Inspector.


EDUCATION:  A&P License required.

Classroom training hours in applicable NDT method.

Certifications held, meeting or exceeding the requirements of American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) Recommended Practice SNT-TC-1A.
EXPERIENCE:  60 months inspection experience.

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