Tower Operator - Part Time

Lake City, FL
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January 23, 2019
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The Tower Operator is responsible for all air traffic control during hours of operation and on an as needed basis.


1. Control all traffic during hours of tower operation. Remain on call for all contract aircraft after normal operation hours.
2. Issue clearance for IFR traffic departing Lake City.
3. Work with the fixed base operator (Lake City Unicom) as to arriving, departing and emergency aircraft.
4. Issue all pertinent information, such as runway in use, wind speed and direction and altimeter reading to all arriving and departing aircraft.
5. Report to Jacksonville Center down times of arriving IFR aircraft.
6. Control all ground vehicles either by radio or light gun during tower hours of operation.
7. Work with HAECO Fire Department on all arriving and departing contract aircraft and all aircraft emergencies both contract and on-contract.
8. Give estimated weather conditions when requested by pilots when reports are available.
9. Notify all FAA agencies with all pertinent information concerning emergencies.
10. Maintain log of all arriving and departing aircraft during hours of operation.
11. Keep HAECO Records Department notified with arrival and departure times of contract aircraft.
12. Work with company contracted customers and ETC dispatch offices to make sure of all arrivals and departures and information such as fuel loads and pass on all pertinent information to HAECO Maintenance to expedite handling contract aircraft.
13. Coordinate flight crew transportation to and from either Jacksonville or Gainesville.
14. File flight plans for pilots when requested.
15. Aid, abet and expedite all aircraft in a safe and orderly manner.

1. Must possess Certified Tower Operator (CTO) certificate.
2. Class II medical certificate required.
3. Read, write and understand the English Language.
4. High school diploma or equivalent.

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