Data Analytics & Development-SQL Server - Fort Worth, TX

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Fort Worth, TX
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July 16, 2018
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Data Analytics & Development-SQL Server – Fort Worth, TX


HQ Aero is currently recruiting for experienced Data Analytics & Development-SQL Servers for openings in Fort Worth, TX.

Job Description:

  • Development and enhancement of the Common Capacity Model (CCM) Database.
  • Develop user interface reports/forms to allow Capacity and Rate Readiness (CRR) modelers to quickly identify and cleanse erroneous data from the database.
  • The user interface will also allow Supply Chain Management (SCM) buyers to upload sourcing data and generate canned reports from the CCM to help guide sourcing decisions.
  • Will assist the CCM architect in streamlining the SQL queries, VBA coding and development of diagnostic reports to alert the capacity database administrator when problems arise.
  • Additional tasks are to connect SCM's sourcing tools into the CCM to automate data entry.

Specific duties include:

  • Use of SQL and VBA to develop, test and deploy CCM capabilities.
  • Further refinement of standard Excel templates including VBA macros for CRR team analysis of suppliers' survey data.
  • Generate standard report and user interface forms to allow non-technical users to utilize CCM for capacity reporting and sourcing decisions.
  • Assist in data system integration with SCM sourcing tools.
  • Troubleshoot existing CCM model as required.

Skills Required:

  • Software Skills: MS Access Advanced, MS Excel Advanced and SQL.
  • Technical Skills: Data Cleansing Techniques, User Interface Design and VBA.

Experience/Education Required:

  • Bachelors of Science along with 6-10 years of experience or MS along with 4-8 years of experience.

HQ Aero provides guaranteed HASSLE FREE weekly payroll, along with direct deposit on first pay, per diem for eligible applicants, and payroll advances. Additional benefits offered to HQ Aero Technicians: Travel pay and longevity bonuses offered on majority of our contract assignments. Referral bonus is also offered to all of our technicians.

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