HAECO Americas Company: HAECO Americas
Location: Lake City, FL
Job Type:
Experience Level: Experienced - Experienced
Position Title: Lead Mechanic - A&P

The Lead Mechanic is responsible for ensuring that the people assigned to their crew complete their tasks safely, in full compliance with all manuals and procedures while maintaining quality and productivity standards. 


  1. Ensure that every person assigned to a job has the correct work instructions, tools, PPE and applicable references available and is familiar with what is required to complete the task.
  2. Assure proper documentation for work performed by assigned employees, reflecting the status of the job
  3. Directly oversee the work performed by any individuals who are unfamiliar with the methods, techniques, practices, aids, equipment, and tools used to perform any maintenance, preventive maintenance, or alterations
  4. Verify qualifications of assigned employees to ensure only properly trained and qualified employees are assigned to each task
  5. Assure accurate accomplishment of work by assigned employee
  6. Assure work performed in accordance with all manuals, procedure and data.
  7. Review work performed by assigned technicians prior to submission to inspection for acceptance.
  8. Ensure compliance with all safety and environmental compliance.
  9. Conduct start of shift meetings to inform team members of any day to day issues
  10. Provide an accurate and complete turnover to next shift lead and supervision for proper visit tracking




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