VT Mobile Aerospace Engineering, Inc Company: VT Mobile Aerospace Engineering, Inc
Location: Pensacola, FL
Job Type:
Experience Level: Entry Level - Entry Level
Position Title: APG Apprentice (A&P License)



Must have valid FAA A&P License




JOB SPECIFICATIONS:      The ability to acquire skills in the following:
Safety wiring, engine servicing, engine CSD servicing, tire inflation, A/C wash rack/cleaning procedures, A/C lube procedures, panel removal/install, hydraulic servicing procedures, hydraulic pressurization/depressurization, wing walker, A/C marshalling, torque wrench values/ operation, basic safety procedures, engine cowling opening,  application of external power, stairs/ entry door operation, APU servicing, cargo door operation, jack operator, fuel tank entry procedures, electric HOBART, HUFFER, general knowledge of all aircraft manuals and related materials, general knowledge of ATA codes, general knowledge of all applicable F.A.R.’s and company policies and procedures, familiar with all paperwork procedures including job cards, routine/ non-routine cards, S.R.M.’s, service bulletins, work sign-off / sell-off procedures.

1.    Entry level mechanic.
2.    Cannot work alone – requires supervision on ALL tasks.
3.    Basic understanding of aircraft systems.
4.    Mechanically inclined.
5.    Assist in open / close activity.
6.    Assist in basic component removal / installations.
7.    CIC / Lubrication with limited supervision.
8.    Gain a basic understanding of AMMs / IPC.

Forward resumes to: jobs@vtmae.com with PNS APG apprentice in subject line

Apply Directions:

Contact: Tommy Heaton
Phone: 251-438-8788