VT Mobile Aerospace Engineering, Inc Company: VT Mobile Aerospace Engineering, Inc
Location: Pensacola, FL
Job Type:
Experience Level: Experienced - Experienced
Position Title: Aircraft Inspector

Responsible for the initial inspections/ required inspection items and surveillance of commercial aircraft undergoing maintenance and repair in an MRO environment.

Responsibilities and Requirements:
Must have demonstrated knowledge of aircraft systems, subsystems and component replacement, hydraulic component replacement, air conditioning component replacement, pneumatic component replacement, engine component replacement, basic hydraulic systems (operations), basic flight control systems, landing gear servicing, basic troubleshooting, tire/brake change procedures, galley installation, engine starter removal/install, cargo conversion, cockpit window/windshield replacement, entry door slide removal/replacement, brake rider/aircraft towing, powerplant removal/replacement assistant, main fuel control adjustment, engine trim procedures, knowledge of all aircraft manuals, ATA codes and related materials.  Knowledge of all applicable F.A.R.s, S.R.M.s, service bulletins, and work sign-off procedures.

Must have A&P License
Inspection experience on commercial Aircraft over 12,500 lbs.  Minimum of 1 types of aircraft FAM Courses preferred, Must meet minimum requirements of Technician skill level in current STAM Trade Skill Progression.  Basic Inspection Methods and Techniques, Discrepancy Annotation, Material Loss Defect Measurement, Basic Blue Print and Manual Usage, FAR Training, SRM Training, RSQCM/PPM Training, Interpersonal Skills, Human Factor Skills, Conflict Resolution, Regulatory Forms Training, CPCP Training, Fuel Cell Confined Space Training, Basic Composite Inspection Techniques.


Forward resume to:jobs@vtmae.com with 2210 PNS in subject line. Please include training summary with GenFam certs.

Apply Directions:

Contact: Tommy Heaton
Phone: 251-438-8788