VT Mobile Aerospace Engineering, Inc Company: VT Mobile Aerospace Engineering, Inc
Location: Pensacola, FL
Job Type:
Experience Level: Experienced - Experienced
Position Title: APG Mechanics ( A&P License)

Responsible for performing routine and non-routine maintenance on commercial aircraft. Must have minimum of three (3) years experience in heavy commercial aircraft maintenance or modification. Training and/or experience on B757, B767, B777, A319/320 A300 A330 preferred. Military aircraft experience will be considered. Normally performs duties according to his or her judgment and only requests supervisory assistance when necessary with regard to methods, procedures, and desired end results. A moderate to high level of discretion is allowed when making selections among a few, easily identifiable choices. Assignment is frequently reviewed upon completion. Duties are performed on a rotating shift schedule and often include nights, weekends and holidays.

Apply Directions:

Contact: Tommy Heaton, Workforce Development Team
Phone: 251-438-8788