PIC and SIC Pilots needed in Denver, CO

Denver, CO
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August 10, 2017
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Aerodynamics, Inc. is currently seeking PIC and SIC pilots to be domiciled in Denver CO.
Company does provide relocation assistance.

PIC Starting salary: $70K/yr.
SIC starting salary: $50K/yr.
The duties of the PIC shall include:

  • Compliance with Company and FAA procedures, directives and regulations affecting the proposed flight. 
  • Promote and maintain an atmosphere of Crew Resource Management that facilitates the exchange of information critical to the safety of the flight. 
  • Ensure that all crew members perform their duties in accordance with applicable regulations, Operations Specifications, and company procedures. 

The duties of the SIC shall include:

  • Perform the duties of the SIC in accordance with Company standardization program. 
  • Call the Captain’s attention to any deviation from regulations, Company policy or safe operating practices. 
  • Assume secondarily all responsibilities of the Captain, and in the event the Captain becomes incapacitated, full responsibility of the Captain. 
  • Perform such other duties as may be directed by the Captain Ensure the aircraft is properly equipped and is airworthy in compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations. 

Jointly, both PIC and SIC:

  • The completion of all applicable forms and reports associated with the conduct of a flight. Preflight planning, fueling, and operation of the airplane in accordance with regulations, Operations Specifications, and Company procedures. 
  • Report safety concerns, irregularities, incidents, and accidents to the Director of Safety. 
  • Must discharge their duties to meet legal requirements and maintain safe operations. 
  • Identifies and reports hazards and risk within Aerodynamics operations in a timely manner and in accordance with the Safety Management System Manual. 

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Hold an Unrestricted Airline Transport Pilot Certificate issued by the United States Federal Aviation Administration. 
  • PIC: A minimum of 3000 flight hours as SIC/PIC in an airplane. 
  • PIC: At least 1000 hours of actual flight time while serving as a PIC or SIC in operations conducted under 14 CFR Part 121, 135 or 91K. 
  • First Class Medical Certificate. 
  • FCC restricted radiotelephone operator permit 
  • Valid passport We require a drug screening, fingerprinting, and criminal/verbal background checks, as well as acceptance of PRIA information. EEOC/V
Gregory Weaver
Phone: 678-872-2740

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