Legacy Aviation LLC

9800 Ashton Rd NE Philadelphia Airport
Legacy Aviation Building
Philadelphia, PA (US) 19114
(215) 969-0311

Legacy Aviation is a full-service aviation company headquartered at Northeast Philadelphia Airport (PNE). We provide end-to-end solutions for all your private and business aviation needs. Whether you are an aircraft owner in need of timely and efficient aircraft maintenance or you are ready for your next aircraft purchase or sale, we provide the resources and services to exceed your expectations in every way. We offer complete flexibility while utilizing a diverse fleet of aircraft.In the 1940’s when Hortman Aviation initiated its services, Captain Norman Hortman and his wife Yvette never imagined the lifelong impact they would have on everyone who laid eyes on their airplanes or walked through their hangar doors. Their son Herb Hortman who was well known and loved by many, succeeded his father in continuing to run Hortman Aviation, which at this time was considered one of the oldest flight schools in the region. In understanding the absolute rareness and uniqueness of such an influential family oriented business, we at Legacy Aviation have made it our goal to not only continue Herb Hortman’s passion for flying but to also broaden its original services to encompass life’s ever growing need for convenience.