Chickasaw Nation Industries

WELCOME TO THE CHICKASAW NATION INDUSTRIES, INC. WEBSITE Chickasaw Nation Industries, Inc. (CNI) was created for the purpose of promoting the economic development and long-term financial viability of the Chickasaw Nation. CNI now owns and manages many business enterprises that collectively employ more than 2,000 people. The long-term strategy of CNI is to continue to grow by expanding the number of federal contracts and through selective acquisition of small 8(a) companies that fit the CNI business model. CNI will remain a business enterprise that supports and adds value to the economic independence of the Chickasaw Nation. Message from the President The growth of CNI has been truly amazing. In 2002, we only had a handful of employees and one five-year contract to provide dentists to the US Army. CNIs original location was a small office on Main Street in downtown Ada, Oklahoma. Main Street in Ada is typical of main streets across rural America built in the early 1900s. The buildings are vintage and generally are not being used for their original purpose. The CNI office was on the second floor. None of the walls reached the ceiling, instead they went up most of the way and stopped about two feet short and only one of the offices had a door. CNI was created in 1996 by a vote of the Chickasaw people. We are a federally chartered corporation with our charter granted to us by the Department of Interior. Our Board of Directors is appointed by the Governor and confirmed by our Legislators. Our board members serve a three year term and may be reappointed. All of our board members are Chickasaw. Currently, the CNI organization is made up of 12 different companies that provide a variety of products and services. CNI services consist of technology, administrative services, medical services, construction and manufacturing. CNI has offices located accross the country. Our corporate headquarters are located in Ada, Oklahoma. Ada is also the headquarters of our Tribal government. CNI was the vision and creation of the Chickasaw government led by Governor Bill Anoatubby, who has often stated, A nation cannot be truly sovereign until it is economically independent. Governor Anoatubby has served in a number of leadership roles within the Tribe before first being elected as Lt. Governor, prior to moving to the Governors office in 1987. CNI employees are truly making a difference in the lives of people. CNI pays dividends to the Tribe. The dividends are used to build schools, create scholarships, develop education programs, provide health services, build senior centers, and contribute to many other tribal services.