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Welcome to HQ Aero Management Inc., a premier aviation recruitment services company. We specialize in hiring all categories of aviation personnel who provide manpower to service centers, repair stations, and aircraft manufacturers. HQ Aero places personnel for both direct and contract assignments.  For more than 20 years, HQ Aero has provided service to the aviation industry worldwide. During that time, we have worked diligently to build an excellent reputation and establish an impeccable record for providing highly skilled, motivated and dedicated aviation technicians.  Please reach out to us if you are currently seeking a job.  Our recruiting staff will happily assist you with your employment needs.  You have our commitment to provide you the very best service possible!

HQ Aero provides guaranteed HASSLE FREE weekly payroll, along with direct deposit on first pay, per diem for eligible applicants, and payroll advances. Additional benefits offered to HQ Aero Technicians: Holiday Pay upon completion of 60 days and Loyalty Bonus upon completion of one year service. Travel pay and longevity bonuses offered on majority of our contract assignments. Referral bonus is also offered to all of our technicians.

HQ AERO - (WV OFFICE)      Email: resumes@hqaero.com    Phone: 866-447-2376   Fax: 304-848-0904

HQ AERO (FL OFFICE)           Email: jobs@hqaero.com   Phone: 866-645-8606    Fax: 407-977-1675

Jobs From HQ Aero

Job Posting Location Date Posted
Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor - Watertown, Wisconsin Watertown, WI 2016-02-11
Structures Technician - Va Bridgewater, VA 2016-02-11
Charter Pilot - Wisconsin Watertown, WI 2016-02-11
A&P Mechanic - VA Bridgewater, VA 2016-02-11
Mechanical Engineer - VA Bridgewater, VA 2016-02-11
Electrical Engineer - VA Bridgewater, VA 2016-02-11
Avionics Technicians - VA Bridgewater, VA 2016-02-11
Structures Mechanic - Dothan, AL HIGHER WAGES BEING OFFERED Dothan, AL 2016-02-04
Avionics Technician - AL Dothan, AL 2016-02-04
A&P Mechanic - Miami, FL Miami, FL 2016-02-04
Borescope Inspectors/Technicians - Tamarac, FL Tamarac, FL 2016-02-04
Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic - WY Sheridan, WY 2016-02-04
Inventory Specialist - FL Tamarac, FL 2016-02-04
Interiors Mechanics - Tampa - Increased Wages!! Tampa, FL 2016-02-04
Structures Technician - AZ Tucson, AZ 2016-02-04
A&P Mechanic - Shanghai, China Shanghai, China 2016-02-04
A&P Mechanics - Tampa - Extra Bonuses now available! Tampa, FL 2016-02-04
Overseas A&P Mechanic WY 2016-02-04
Aircraft Structures Mechanic - Tampa - Increased Wages!! Tampa, FL 2016-02-04
A&P Mechanic - Dothan AL Dothan, AL 2016-02-04
Structures Technician / Mechanic Tucson, AZ 2016-02-04
Avionics Technicians - Tampa - Extra Bonuses now available! Tampa, FL 2016-02-04
Avionics - Miami FL Miami, FL 2016-02-04
Structures Tecnicians - Miami Miami, FL 2016-02-04
Inspector - Miami, FL Miami, FL 2016-02-04
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