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Jensen Beach, FL (US) 34957
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Since 1981, STS Aerostaff Services has provided mechanics to meet the needs of the aviation industry -- a record of experience that is unmatched. From North and South America to Europe, Africa and the Pacific Rim, we have supported the operations of clients the world over. From international carriers to regional and commuter airlines, manufacturers, cargo carriers, charter operators, maintenance bases and FBOs, we have served the entire field. Most of all, STS Aerostaff Services has earned an outstanding reputation for delivering quality contracts and opportunities. When you need it, wherever you need it, for as long (or as briefly) as you need it. STS Aerostaff Services is a mechanic-dominated organization, which is the way we think an aviation labor company should be. Our executive management and sales personnel all have backgrounds as aviation mechanics. That gives us greater insight into the needs of our clients; and a better ability to ensure that we provide our clients with only the best contracts to choose from. Our company is dedicated to one thing, making sure that our employees are taken care of - OUR EMPLOYEES ARE OUR #1 PRIORITY.

Jobs From STS Aerostaff Services

Job Posting Location Date Posted
A&P Mechanic-Lawrenceville, GA Lawrenceville, GA 2014-10-23
Facilities Operations Manager - Torrance, CA - STSES Torrance, CA 2014-10-23
Engineer Software Systems - Melbourne, FL - STSES Melbourne, FL 2014-10-23
Sheet Metal Mechanic - Victorville, CA Victorville, CA 2014-10-21
A&P Mechanic - Mobile, AL Mobile, AL 2014-10-21
A&P Mechanic - Victorville, CA Victorville, CA 2014-10-21
Avionics Technician - Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles, CA 2014-10-21
Cabinet Finisher - Cleveland, OH Cleveland, OH 2014-10-21
Upholstery Technician - Cleveland, OH Cleveland, OH 2014-10-21
Sheet Metal Mechanic - Jacksonville, FL Jacksonville, FL 2014-10-21
A&P Mechanic - New Castle, DE New Castle, DE 2014-10-21
A&P Mechanic - St. Paul, MN South Saint Paul, MN 2014-10-21
Avionics - Jacksonville, Florida Jacksonville, FL 2014-10-21
Avionics Technician-Van Nuys, CA Van Nuys, CA 2014-10-20
A&P Mechanic-Houston, TX Houston, TX 2014-10-20
Interior Mechanic-Oklahoma City, OK Oklahoma City, OK 2014-10-20
Avionics Technician - Lake Charles, LA Lake Charles, LA 2014-10-20
Avionics Technician - Boca Raton, FL Boca Raton, FL 2014-10-20
A&P Mechanic - Oklahoma City, OK Oklahoma City, OK 2014-10-20
A&P Mechanic - Tampa, Florida Tampa, FL 2014-10-19
Sheetmetal - Tampa, Florida Tampa, FL 2014-10-19
Structural Liaison Engineer - Oscoda, MI Oscoda, MI 2014-10-10
Overhaul Planner - Sun Valley, CA - STSES Sun Valley, CA 2014-10-02
STS Group Controller - Palm City, FL - STSES Palm City, FL 2014-10-02
Aviation Data Specialist - Denver, CO - STSES Denver, CO 2014-10-02
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